Company Formation Services

Business setup in Bahrain was never that easy. Get our professional company formation and licensing services to setup a sustainable business in Bahrain.
By setting up business in Bahrain you can get following benefits:
  • 100% Ownership.
  • Businessman Visa.
  • Work permits (Employee Visas).
  • No third-party involvement.
  • Government Support.
  • Access from the heart of Gulf.
Our professionals will provide you following Company formation services:
  • Pre-Startup guidance.
  • Assistance in Name reservation.
  • Assistance in Obtaining business license.
  • Assistance in taking approval from license entities.
  • Assistance in opening Company Bank Account.
  • Assistance in Processing Work permits
  • Guidance to compliance with Govt Bodies.

In Bahrain most common types of businesses are as follow:
  1. With Limited Liability (WLL)
  2. Partnership Company.

1. With Limited Liability (WLL)
 With limited liability company often called WLL is same as Limited Liability Company LLC in other countries. A WLL can have minimum 2 and maximum 50 shareholders. The benefit of a WLL company is that more than one people can invest together by combining there resources and experience that result in increase in opportunities decrease in risk factor.
Click here to get our business registration services for a With Limited Liability Company.

2. Bahraini Partnership Company: 
Bahraini Partnership Company is same as partnership companies in other countries with unlimited liability. These companies can have 2 to 50 shareholders with unlimited liability which means there liability is not limited up to their share capital but also to their personal possessions.
Click here to get our business registration services for a Bahraini Partnership Company.

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