Why Invest in Bahrain?

Kingdom of Bahrain is located in Middle East, archipelago in the Persian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia. Bahrain has most favaroble environment in Gulf  for expats and investors.
Among many a few resons to setup business in Bahrain are mentioned below:
Strong Currency
Setup business in Bahrain with world 2nd strongest currency Bahraini Dinar. 1 Bahraini Dinar equals to 2.65 United States Dollar making it world 2nd strongest currency.
Strategic location
Setup business in Bahrain and connect to the $1.5 trillion GCC market: Bahrain is the natural gateway to the Gulf, with particularly favorable access to Saudi Arabia, the region’s single largest market and economy.
No Corporate and Income Tax.
Kingdom of Bahrain does not levy any kind of income tax on individuals and businesses. The only tax in Bahrain is VAT that is only 5%.
100% Ownership:
Unlike most of Gulf countries Bahrain allows 100% business ownership to expats. There are 375 types of business that foreigners can own 100% in Bahrain without any local sponsor. This distinct policy provides you with freedom of choice and investment security. Find below table showing number of business activities allowed for 100% foreign ownership.
100% Business Ownership
Nationality No. Business Activities
All Nationalities 375
American 557
Singaporean 387
Icelander 401
Liechtensteiner 401
Norwegian 401
Swiss 401
GCC 566

Forward thinking government
With a track record of pioneering under its belt, enacting the most business reforms out of any country in 2019 as per The World Bank, Bahrain continues to move forward with policies and reforms that empower businesses and industries to establish themselves and grow.
Exceptional lifestyle
Bahrain ranks 1st globally for work/life balance and 1st in MENA for personal happiness, regarded highly for its job opportunities, career satisfaction rates, and its friendly culture – noted for being the world’s second easiest place to settle in.
Talented human capital
Access MENA’s top talent: Bahrainis join the workforce with both an exceptional array of skills and extremely high levels of motivation, achieving The World Bank’s highest scores in MENA for human capital development.
Conducive business environment
Bahrain’s government works closely with businesses and regulators to explore opportunities to enhance Bahrain’s business environment and nurture optimum commercial conditions. This collaboration has seen Bahrain take solid steps towards introducing initiatives that create an enabling and innovative ecosystem, which allows businesses to thrive, achieving the distinction of the 4th most improved economy in 2019 (World Bank).
Business Support Programs
Every year Government of Bahrain launches multibillion dinars support programs for startups and businesses in Bahrain. For first two years you can avail free Audit & Accounting services and many other services and products with 50% Govt support.

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